complete apparel collection

Wonderluk shop opened its doors to the community 10 years ago. It was created by me and my two other friends who are great fans and followers of fashion. We know we wanted to have our own business even when we were younger. As such, we chose for it to be connected to our passion and interest in life. The three of us like styling ourselves and to just become chic all the time. When we were in college, the above-mentioned friends took up a course in fashion design while I took business administration so I could know more about putting up a business. Years after, we graduated happily with our diplomas and started to work on our different careers. Little did we know that our dream of starting up a business is about to be fulfilled just a couple of years after that.

When we had enough money for investment, we started planning for our own business. We did not waste time. Like most businessmen, we did not start big. This actually started as a small garage sale in our own homes wherein our first customers are just our neighbors. We just improved the look of the old clothes for an additional appeal. This became a practice to us especially since we want to improve the ideas we have as we plan for the concept of Wonderluk. We know that we are not just here provide great clothes that my friends and I created and designed. Instead, we also want to accommodate people according to what they want. As such, Wonderluk then became both a shop and a designing company. This was not our main idea when we started the business but we wanted to create more for people so that we can provide more satisfaction to them.

Through the years, Wonderluk has improved more and more. We want to continue designing for many people and creating the things they want for themselves. If they need clothes, we would sell them one or design and create it for them. The same goes for any other things such as other apparels, accessories, and even shoes. This is just the start. Wonderluk would strive harder in the future to provide better services and high-quality products for everyone.