assorted long sleeved polo

Q. Are the things you created for everyone available on your website?

A. Hi! thank you so much for sending us a message. Yes, everything we created that are not exclusive for one customer is available on our website. You may want to check them out on our online store which you can visit here at the STORE page on our website.

Q. Hello, I always wanted to buy from your shop but I’m afraid that you don’t ship overseas. May I know if your products can be shipped internationally?

A. Hi, thank you so much for sending us a message and question. Wonderluk has recently launched shipping overseas to accommodate the orders of our customers in various areas around the world. You may now order on us online and it will be shipped to you wherever you internationally. We are in partnership with a variety of couriers well-known in this field. So no need to worry that your purchases will be misplaced.

Q. Does the shipping fee vary on the place it will be shipped or is there a given fixed price or fee for international shipping and delivery?

A. Hi! Thank you so much for sending your question to Wonderluk. Yes, the shipping fee may vary depending on where your area is located.

Q. Can I cancel my order?

A. Hello, thank you for sending the Wonderluk a question. Yes, you may cancel your order but only if the item has not yet been shipped or delivered. However, please do avoid canceling your order too much as this may be a ground for your account to be banned in the website.

Q. Why do I have to create an account in order to buy?

A. Hi, thank you for your message. The account is needed so the shop can get your information and to create your own cart in our website.